Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Strange, But True!

Over the past few years, Mountainview, the school where we teach and our children attend, has been working to improve their use of technology.  Slowly, they are trying to put at least one computer in each classroom that can access the internet.  Unfortunately, my classroom doesn't have a computer yet, maybe next year.  However, there is wireless access to the internet in some parts of the school.  Fortunately on most days, I can access the Internet via the wireless router.  The internet is important to the school because we've begun using an online grading system.  Today I was trying to do some work online, but was having trouble maintaining an internet connection.  So, I picked up my laptop and headed for the pavilion.  In the pavilion I always have a better wireless internet connection.  Today was no exception.  While I was typing at one of the many picnic tables where our students eat lunch, I was bothered by a fly.  I causally swatted at him hoping to encourage the fly to move on.  Unsuccessful, but undaunted, I made a few more attempts to rid myself of the fly.  By this time, I was ready to take the fly's life.  I waited for the fly to land which he did on part of the iron structure supporting the timbers that made up the top of the table.  Slowly, so as not to alert the fly, I moved my hands into their killing position.  I was just about ready to clap my hands together, when a gecko came from under the picnic table and swallowed the fly!  Though pleased by the outcome, I was shocked by the gecko's sudden appearance and equally sudden disappearance.  Only in Indonesia, I thought, only in Indonesia.