Thursday, June 25, 2009

Less than 11 days remain state-side

As promised, it's been a long time since we've posted anything. God has been working the details of our transition out in amazing ways. After almost three months of waiting for VISA paperwork, then VISAs, our wait is over. We have all of the documentation that we need to travel to Indonesia and stay!

The only things that remain now are to have a garage sale, move some "stuff" that we don't want to part with into storage and then pack for our July 5th departure from Oklahoma City to Indonesia.

These final weeks have been filled with mixed emotions. We've enjoyed the time that God has given us in Thomas, OK. Saying good-bye to new friends, co-workers and family continues to be difficult. As our departure date draws near, the pain of leaving a world we know for one that we don't has become very real. Were it not for God's timely faithfulness over the past two months, I imagine that we would be seriously questioning the decision to travel to Indonesia. However, in small ways and big ways, God continues to meet us in our anxiousness and give us peace.

God has blessed us through two different communities of faith, Bethesda Mennonite in Henderson NE, who is sponsoring our children at school and Pleasant View Mennonite in Oklahoma, who is helping with start-up costs and some monthly support. And just the other night, God surprised us through the owners of some storage units. They offered to pay half our storage fees for as long as we are in Indonesia.

We pack and prepare for life in Indonesia fully confident that God has called us and will continue to sustain us.